Our goal is to disrupt the cinema industry by creating an environment where everyday people are excited to encounter new ways of looking at the world. The environment inside and outside the cinema is designed to foster communication and promote community. The Cinemuse host is a special person who loves the world of cinema and has a special affinity with people from a variety of backgrounds. They lead the visitor into the world of the, more culturally aware, filmmaker to discover and reflect upon a new lens on the world.

Filmmakers that frequent a Cinemuse cinema are inspired to discover their own unique voice and grow into a formidable force on a world stage. Our young filmmakers, who grow up only with mainstream American films, would naturally strive to copy that style of filmmaking, and not realize that as long as they aim to copy, they will never be able to contribute on world stage.


We actively seek to build a more meaningful world by placing emphasis on community and a culture of introspection. It is about holding up a lens to society and asking 'who are we?' and 'who do we want to be, as individuals and a society.' 

By exposing the audience to films that aim to capture a more authentic and culturally rich esthetic, the audience is invited to reflect upon their own reality and consequently inspire to develop a wider lens on society.


At the present moment, the greater majority of films that are screened in South Africa, represent mainstream culture. One could compare this to a person that is limited to a diet that constitutes mainly carbs and sugar. Though one could argue that carbs and sugar in themselves are not all evil, having it as staple food will definitely cause various health challenges in the long term. If one was not aware that there are other options available as well, such as vegetables and proteins, one would never be able to treat the root of the problem and grow a healthy body. In the same way, one would never be able to grow a truly healthy society that has a wide lens on society and seeks to embrace our disparate world views.


Oliver Hermanus | South Africa | Director | "Shirley Adams (2011)"

Corné van Rooyen | South Africa | Director "Hollywood in my Huis (2015)"

Vlokkie Gordon | South Africa | Executive Producer "Hollywood in my Huis (2015)"

Jenna Cato Bass | South Africa | Writer/Director/Producer "Love the One You Love (2015)"

Dylan Voogt | South Africa | Line Producer "Shirley Adams (2011)

Dylan Voogt | South Africa | Producer "Unearthed (2014)"

Ben Ludik | South Africa | Composer | Skoonheid (2010) & Wonderwerker (2012)

Richard Finn Gregory - Director "Boers at the End of the World (2016)"

Kirsten Carthew | Canada | Writer, Director | "The Sun at Midnight (2016)"

André Crous | South Africa, Czech Republic | FIPRESCI Film Critic

Burcin S Yalcin | Turkey | FIPRESCI Film Critic


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